1998-2002 Blazer/Jimmy/S10/Sonoma/Bravada Aerosol Colormatched Dash Paint for Vinyl Leather & Plastics (12oz)

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  • Restore the color of your faded interior components
  • Use for plastics, leather, and vinyl
  • Factory matched to the upper dash assembly
  • Durable flexible coating
  • Safe to handle in 1-2 hours

Vehicle Compatibility

1998-2004 Chevy Blazer
Chevy S10
GMC Jimmy
GMC Sonoma
Oldsmobile Bravada

This selection of colors was used on the upper dashboard assembly of these vehicles. Please verify before purchase that this color is meant for the particular trim piece you intend to dye; often times many different colors are used within an interior. You can use the trim code guide in the photos to ensure you order the correct color, please contact us if you need assistance confirming these details.



Add a can of DashSkin™ flexible coating dye to your order to take your install to the next level! This is the very same dye used to color your DashSkin™ dash cover, and can be used on any hard plastic interior components that look worse for the wear. Is your glovebox door peeling? Your gauge cluster bezel faded and dingy after 20+ years of UV abuse? DashSkin™ aerosol dye to the rescue! Just clean the surface to be painted well using the same industrial degreaser you used to prep your dashboard to install the skin, allow the surface to dry completely, and apply a light even coat to restore the look of your dash parts.

Compatible Surfaces

DashSkin aerosols can be used on leather, vinyl, plastics, and carpet. 


NOTE: To prevent trapping moisture beneath the coating, it is advisable to apply it when the relative humidity is lower (ideally <70%), and avoid over-applying in thick coats. 

  1. Clean the surface to be painted well using industrial degreaser, allow the surface to dry completely (e.g. ZEP Purple, Purple Power, Simple Green)
  2. Shake can vigorously for a full minute
  3. Spray a test surface such as cardboard to ensure the can is mixed well
  4. For best results, apply the paint in several (3-6) very thin coats, waiting 5-10 minutes between coats