Is your dashboard cracking and falling apart?

Is your dashboard cracked or failing?

When you combine the sun's powerful rays with the lensing effect a glass windshield can have, it's no wonder why so many vehicles' dashboards are destined to crack and fall apart. Most vehicle manufacturers will not warranty this type of failure, leaving you with a costly repair bill. Sure, interior professionals can try to weld and hide the cracks, but these repairs hold up temporarily at best, and provide no guarantee against future cracks in other areas. So what is a vehicle owner to do when those dreaded cracks appear?


DashSkin is the Clear Solution!

The best solution is usually the simplest one, and ours happens to be the most reasonably priced as well! Simply put, DashSkin dash covers are high quality molded plastic caps that install right over the top of your cracked up dash in just a few minutes. Thanks to our factory-matched colors and textures, most passengers won't even notice the skin is there! The best part is that you don't need to be a mechanic or even an experienced DIYer to install a DashSkin. Our included vehicle-specific instruction guides and videos walk you through the process in great detail.


Selling Your Vehicle with a Cracked Dash?

Any prospective buyer will take one look at a destroyed dashboard and instantly see a tremendous repair cost, floating over your vehicle like an ominous rain cloud. Don't take a hit on your resale or trade-in because of those pesky cracks! Install a DashSkin in minutes and add hundreds or thousands to your vehicle's worth.




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