The Best Solution for 2007-2014 GM Truck and SUV Cracked Dashboards

07-14 GM Truck Dash Cracks

Until you are looking for it, it's almost easy to miss just how plentiful full-size GM trucks and SUVs trucks are in the United States. Tahoes/Suburbans/Yukons make perfect family haulers and grocery-getters, and of course Chevy and GMC are always in the top ranks for full size pickups. They are also widely used for commercial and fleet purposes. Since all of these vehicles tend to share the same platform and interior components, a manufacturing issue with something like a dashboard in this platform spans a massive number of trucks. As early as 2008, drivers of 2007 full size GM SUVs and Pickups (Tahoe, Suburban, Avalanche, Yukon, Silverado and Sierra) began to report cracks appearing in the dashes of these trucks. Most of these reports obviously showing up very early in the life of the vehicle, much to the surprise of the owners. Theories of the cause of the cracks vary, but most believe the grade of plastic and over-tightening of the few bolts that hold the dash pad in place to be the cause. 

As time wore on, customers affected by this issue began to organize in facebook groups, automotive forums, and other online communities to compare their fates, and a large portion of them noticed the cracks appearing in the same places, regardless of the amount of sunlight or use the vehicles have seen. While a very lucky few customers have had their dashes replaced under warranty, the vast majority of drivers are told the dash cracking problem is cosmetic and not covered under warranty, or GM offers a discount on the parts+labor cost of the full dash replacement, but even with a discount, many customers can spend a thousand or more out of pocket to have their dash replaced. Despite the lawsuits that have arisen to cover this problem, little progress has been made to help customers fix their dashes. There has been no recall issued, and customers of 2007-2008 model years (the years where the problem is most prevalant) are guaranteed to see no help because GM filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2009.

To further complicate the issue, many customers that have had their dashes replaced report the replacement dash cracking later on as well. Interior upholstery shops and dash repair services do their best to plastic-weld the cracks for a simple fix, but these repairs often fail as well since the dash just cracks again in a new spot.

DashSkin 07-14 Tahoe Dash Cover Installed

DashSkin offers an American-Made solution, backed by a lifetime warranty that anyone can install themselves, all for under $160 shipped. Our molded plastic dash covers install right over the original cracked up dash in just minutes, and restore the appearance of your interior for a fraction of the cost. For these vehicles in particular, we always recommend using some of the included silicone adhesive to seal up any cracks in your dash before installing our cover. This will ensure the cracks will not continue to spread under the cover, and also keep annoying rattles and noises at bay! If you have one or two small cracks, the amount of silicone adhesive supplied with the dash cover will be enough to both install it and seal up your cracks, but if your dash has several cracks, holes, or LONG runs of cracked material, you can add an extra tube of silicone to your cart from the product page (see the Related Items at the bottom of the page). We sell these covers in all four factory colors, and with/without speaker holes depending on your needs. We also carry covers for the 2007-2013 Silverado and Sierra, which are known for sharing the dash defect