What is a DashSkin?

2002-2005 Dodge Ram DashSkin Dry Fit

A DashSkin is a molded hard plastic dashboard cover, or "skin", that installs over your worn and damaged dashboard to hide cracks, peeling paint, missing pieces, or any other unsightly flaw to make your interior look brand new. The cover installs using a flexible adhesive, which allows it to expand and contract with fluctuating temperatures to survive the punishing abuse of the sun over time. This cost-effective solution to restoring failed dashboards saves everyday drivers thousands in parts and labor, as the installation process is simple enough for anyone to tackle. Our covers are backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY, covering the workmanship of the cap against all forms of UV abuse. Our dash cover will outlast your vehicle, guaranteed.

Can a DashSkin be used to cover large holes?

Of course, this is one of the most popular reasons for installing a DashSkin. Our cover is a fitting solution for this problem, long as most of your original dash (primarily the outer edges/perimeter) remains intact to serve as a stable foundation for the cover. Before installation, we recommend reinforcing hairline cracks with extra 100% silicone RTV adhesive to provide added rigidity and prevent rattles and squeaks. While our product is rigid enough to make up for missing material, it cannot be used as a replacement dashboard.

What colors are available?

For our most popular models, we offer factory-matched interior colors. Please be sure to confirm your interior color using our reference material on the product page prior to ordering. For all other models, the cover will ship in universal Black. Our dash covers can be painted using any vinyl interior dye or flexible interior coating. We recommend SEM Color Coat aerosols for a high quality and easy to apply finish. Just clean the surface of the dash cover with a wet rag, allow the cap to dry completely, and apply one even coat for a long-lasting finish.


Can I use a DashSkin to replace my dashboard?

While it is generally safe to use a DashSkin to cover large chunks of missing dash and holes, our product is not quick thick enough and is usually not shaped exactly right to use as a replacement dash. In a scenario where large sections of your dash is missing (like all of one side edge), if you have no other options,  we recommend trying to fill as much of the open space as possible with a safe filler material to provide some structural support underneath the skin. Please feel free to contact us for advice in this process to develop a plan before placing your order.