Everything you need to know to restore your 1998-2001 Dodge Ram Cracked Dash

Everything you need to know to restore your 1998-2001 Dodge Ram Cracked Dash

Well, if y'all got one of them 1998 to 2000 Dodge Rams, you know they're tougher'n a two-dollar steak but they got a pesky problem with their dashboards crackin' up worse than a dry creek in August. It don't just make your truck look bad, it can rattle apart like a skeleton on a dirt road over time. But don't you worry none, we're gonna run through a few ways to patch that dash up good as new, from the best fixins to the quick-and-dirty.

  1. DashSkin: The Premium Choice

    First off, slappin' a DashSkin on that dashboard is like givin' it a brand-new pair of boots—it fits just right. These things are tailor-made and tough as nails, making them the best way to fix that eyesore without havin' to swap the whole dash. You can stick it on there yourself, no fancy tools needed, and it'll look slicker than a greased pig.

  2. Replacement Dash: A Solid Second Option

    Now, if you're feelin' flush, you might opt to just go whole hog and replace the dang thing. It sure ain't cheap, and if you ain’t doin' the work yourself, it’ll cost you a pretty penny in labor too. Plus, findin' a dash that matches just right can be like findin' a needle in a haystack.

  3. Carpet Cover: A Quick Fix
    For a quick band-aid, a carpet dash cover will do in a pinch. It just lays right over the top, coverin' up all those ugly cracks. It’s cheap and easy, but don't expect it to be nothin' more than just plain old rug sitting on top of your dash.

  4. Hot Stapling: A Temporary Solution
    Then there’s hot stapling—kinda like stitchin' up a tear with a hot needle. It’ll hold things together for a spell if the cracks ain't too bad, but it’s more of a short-term fix, and it sure won’t win no beauty contests.

  5. Filler Repair Kit: DIY but Imperfect
    If you’re handy, a filler repair kit might be your speed. Slap some filler on those cracks, sand it down, and paint it to match. It works alright for smaller cracks, but getting it to look store-bought again is tougher than herding cats.

  6. Epoxy: The Least Favorable Option
    Last up, you got epoxy. It's like using glue on a broken vase—might hold together, but it ain’t pretty. Epoxy’s a mess to work with and hard to get looking right. Plus, it might just crack all over again as time goes by.


So, there y’all have it. When you’re fixin' to repair a cracked dashboard in your Dodge Ram, there's options from here to Sunday. DashSkin’s your best bet for a fix that's good lookin' and long-lastin'. Other methods might work for a spell or if you’re watching your wallet, but each has its own trade-offs. Choose based on what you need: a full fix, a quick patch-up, or somethin' in between.

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