Retail Price Discounts

DashSkin offers agressive everyday pricing for single-piece orders, as well as automatic discounts for multiple-piece orders, no setup required. Adding mutliple pieces to your cart will automatically add a discount, which increases with each additional piece. Please consult our discount table below. Pieces are counted as SKUs (order line items), so a bundle/kit including two pieces counts as one piece.

5% off your entire order for 2 pieces in cart,
7% for 3 pieces
8% for 4 pieces
10% for 5 pieces
11% for 6 pieces
12% for 7 pieces
13% for 8 pieces
14% for 9 pieces
20% for 10 pieces
20% for 11 pieces
21% for 12 pieces
21% for 13 pieces
22% for 14 pieces
22% for 15 pieces
23% for 16 pieces
23% for 17 pieces
24% for 18 pieces
24% for 19 pieces
25% for 20+ pieces

Wholesale/Distributor Pricing

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of our products, please contact us at 918.940.8900 for more information. We have multiple formats of our wholesale program that cater to different types of businesses, so give us a call to see what we an do for you!

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