Commercial Customer Price Discounts

Are you shopping for a business? DashSkin offers awesome everyday pricing for single-piece orders, as well as increasing automatic discounts for multiple-piece orders. In our Commercial pricing tier, adding mutliple pieces to your cart will automatically add a discount, which increases with each additional piece, all while maintaining free shipping and hassle free returns! Please consult our discount table below. Pieces are counted as SKUs (order line items), so a bundle/kit including two pieces counts as one piece. Request access to commercial pricing using the form below!

5% off  for 2 pieces in cart,
7% for 3 pieces
8% for 4 pieces
10% for 5 pieces
11% for 6 pieces
12% for 7 pieces
13% for 8 pieces
14% for 9 pieces
20% for 10 pieces
20% for 11 pieces
21% for 12 pieces
21% for 13 pieces
22% for 14 pieces
22% for 15 pieces
23% for 16 pieces
23% for 17 pieces
24% for 18 pieces
24% for 19 pieces
25% for 20+ pieces

Request a Commercial Account

Please fill out the form below to request a commercial account with discounted pricing. We have multiple pircing schemes offered for our commercial customers that cater to different types of businesses, so get in touch to see what options we can offer you!