DashSkin Quarterly Installation Video Contest

DashSkin Installation Video Contest Screenshot

Every quarter, we will be rewarding two customers a cash prize + for the best install video submission! Just record a video of your installation following the directions we include with the cover, upload to youtube with a link to the product on our website in the description, and enter to win using the link below. 

This round's winners will be announced on February 29th. Deadline for submissions is February 26th.

First Prize: $500

Detailed Instructions (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY):

1. Include "YOUR VEHICLE+DashSkin Installation" in the title of your YouTube video (i.e. "2001 Dodge Ram DashSkin Installation"). 

2.  Please incorporate some clear “before” shots of the vehicle’s interior to show the state of your vehicle’s dash prior to installation, as well as some contrasting “after” shots to show the outcome of the install.

3.  Include a link to the dash cover you are installing in the video description.

4. In the "keywords" section of the video upload form on youtube, be sure to tag keywords "dash cap, dashboard cover, replacement, dash fix, dash skin", and any other terms related to fixing a cracked dashboard so viewers can find your video and learn about the product. 

5. Use the included installation, walk through each step of the process. 

6. Upload the video in full HD (1080p)

7. Be sure the visibility settings of the video are set to PUBLIC

Please do: Follow the directions carefully, share a brief story of your vehicle/why you chose to install a DashSkin

Please do not: Curse or use vulgar language. NO VERTICAL VIDEO PLEASE. If recording via cell phone, turn your device horizontally so the video fills the frame.

Please feel free to call us at 877.308.9682 if you have any questions about the contest prior to creating your video

Terms and Conditions:

By entering this contest, you agree to grant DashSkin, without limitation, the right to edit or use your video in whole or in parts as DashSkin may elect. DashSkin or its designees have complete ownership of the submitted video, including copyright interests. Offer only applies to dashboard covers, replacement parts are excluded.

Please shoot your install video in landscape mode


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