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Orders & Shipping
Do you ship to Canada?
Yes we do! You can get a shipping quote at checkout. Please be sure to visit to learn about what sort of additional fees to expect related to the import process.
What shipping method do you use, and how long will it take?
We ship SAME DAY Monday-Friday until 3pm CST via FedEx Ground and Home Delivery, you can expect delivery in 2-4 business days on average! Shipments to Canada can take 2-7 business days. Please note that these estimates increase during peak holiday traffic.
My order arrived damaged, what can I do?
If your order arrives damaged, contact us within 14 days of arrival for a replacement! Email us ([email protected]) or text (918.940.8900) photos of the damage and any damage to the box for an immediate reship. Please do not dispose of the damaged item before being instructed to, as FedEx may need to pick it up for inspection.
Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico?
Since our products are large, shipping outside the lower 48 is quite expensive, but feel free to email ([email protected]) or text (918.940.8900) your vehicle model and full address for a quote!
Do you ship to Europe?
We do ship outside of the US or Canada from our website, but click the Contact Us button at the bottom right of the website to let us know what year/make/model you need a skin for (and in what color) and we can run you through some options to get it delivered internationally!
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What is the lowest temperature in which I can install a DashSkin?
40F is the coldest recommended temperature, our adhesives will not fully harden in temps below this. Remember to allow for additional cure time (up to 12 hours) for installing in temperatures this low!
How long does the silicone adhesive take to cure?
In warmer temperatures (60+F) we recommend at least 6 hours. In lower temps (down to 40F) we recommend at least 12 hours.
How difficult is installing a DashSkin?
If you can bake cookies, you can install a DashSkin! Our included instruction manual is highly detailed and vehicle-specific, making the process as simple as following your grandma's chocolate chip recipe!
What comes with my DashSkin, and what do I need to have on hand for installation?
Your DashSkin includes a highly detailed and vehicle-specific instruction guide, as well as silicone adhesive for installation. All you will need to have ready is a few clean rags, some industrial degreaser, and weights to use to hold your skin down while the adhesive cures!
Does my DashSkin include an airbag cover?
No, since it is not safe or legal to glue a hard plastic cover over an airbag that deploys at 250+ MPH, our covers have a hole to allow for safe airbag deployment and will not include an airbag cover of any kind.
How much of my original dash needs to be intact to install a dashskin? I have large holes!
DashSkin only needs most of the outer edges remaining on all 4 sides to serve as a foundation to mount to. Remember that any dash material missing on outer edges may have visible gaps where the cover stops.
What can I clean my DashSkin with?
We recommend cleaning with a wet microfiber cloth only. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL OR SOLVENT CLEANERS ON THE PAINTED SURFACE OF THE SKIN as they will strip the paint.
What can I apply to the skin to protect it against UV damage?
DashSkin covers are fully protected and warranted against extreme UV abuse, so no additional coatings or treatments are required. We do not recommend applying protectants, as anything with a solvent base can remove the paint.
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Product & Compatibility
Can a DashSkin help stop annoying squeaks and rattles from my factory dash?
Yes! If the dash is properly reinforced during your dashskin installation, the skin can help hold the dash still and prevent annoying rattles and squeaks. Check out our guide video here:
What are the benefits of the 1 and 2 piece covers for the 07-14 GM Trucks?
ONE PIECE is the recommended style for most customers, as it provides the most strength, is the most undetectable, and does the best job at eliminating annoying rattles and noises if installed properly. The TWO PIECE design simply allows for easier removal of the factory defrost dash panel without taking the skins off.
Is a DashSkin a replacement dash? If not, can it be used as one?
NO. DashSkin is a rigid, molded plastic dash cover meant to install OVER your old dash to cover cracks and holes. While you can use a DashSkin with a lot of your dash missing, the product cannot be used in place of a dash, as it needs structure to mount to.
Will the DashSkin colormatch match my dash perfectly?
While we receive excellent feedback on our color matches, you should be prepared for the match to be a little lighter or darker than your dash. The amount of sunlight vehicles are exposed to can vary substantially, making matching these vehicles a "moving target" so to speak.
What is the warranty?
All DashSkin dash covers are backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY, covering products that are installed properly. This warranty covers cracking, warping, and any failure related to extreme temperature and sun damage. Exceptions to this warranty include dash covers that have not been installed yet, dash covers that have been placed into the vehicle but not glued (not installed properly), or dash covers that were installed with an unapproved adhesive (as many adhesives can react with and melt ABS plastic).
Is the DashSkin painted on the surface, or molded in color?
DashSkin covers are surface painted with a high quality, UV protected finish that will not flake, peel, or fade. We also sell this paint in aerosol form for your other interior components as needed to match them to the skin and restore the look of your interior!
My trim code starts with 92, which color do I need?
This code actually indicates 2 different colors! Please email ([email protected]) or text (918.940.8900) us photos of your dash from at least 4 feet away (standing outside the truck with the door open) for instant verification of your color.
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