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DashSkin Affiliate Program

Promote DashSkin on your website or via email and social media and get paid! Our program is absolutely free to join, easy to sign-up and doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

How It Works
Click the REFER FRIEND link in the left column menu to generate an affiliate link (pick a product on the front end of the website, copy the URL to that product from your address bar using CTRL+C or right click>Copy, and paste the product URL into the affiliate link generator (using CTRL+V or right click>Paste). When users click on one of the links you create, they will be directed to our online store and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate program. Each time such users complete a purchase, you earn commission! If the sale turns into a return, the commission is retracted from the balance.


Our Campaigns

Pay per sale: You will receive (X) commission on the order total of the first purchase made via the affiliate referral link. In the next purchases, you will receive (Y) commission on the order total.

Discount policy: A customer who makes the first purchase via the affiliate referral link receives (Z) discount on the order total. In the next purchases, the customer will not receive any discount. However, the affiliate account continues receiving commissions from the next orders made by this customer.

DashSkin Affiliate Program

DashSkin offers a 5% commission for all inbound affiliate purchases (no matter what product is purchased). Simply generate and share your affiliate link to get started! Affiliate commission is subtracted if the customer returns the product for a refund (but exchanges in the case of ordering the wrong product preserve the commission).

Pay Per Sale Tier 1 5% of Order Total for first order.
Discount policy None
Valid Date Always