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What is a DashSkin® Dash Cover?

Given the right amount of time in the sun, almost everyone's dash will crack and disintegrate, eventually. Unfortunately for some, this day comes all too early in their car or truck's life, and they find themselves deciding between a thousand-dollar project, or just living with that eyesore on their dash. Living in high-heat states like Arizona, Florida, and Texas can usually be a death sentence for the dashboards of driveway-parked cars; owners of vehicles in these states contact us almost three to one over the rest! Luckily, we offer a solution easy enough for any driver to install, and it won't break the bank! Dash caps (AKA Dashboard Skins) are a phenomenal solution.

DASHSKIN® Dash Covers are vacuum formed and manufactured to unerring precision to fit your vehicle like a glove. They are roughly 1/16th" thick, so they're flexible enough to install with ease, and become rigid and solid for life once installed. Our caps are even textured to match your dashboard's grain! Even the edges are cleverly shaped to hide themselves in the seams of the dash for a more covert look. They install quickly with silicone adhesive, and are built to expand and contract with fluctuating temperatures. For our most popular models, we even offer factory matched colors! This is NOT your old man's carpet dash cover, this is a LIFETIME FIX with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Can a cap be used over a caved/shattered dash?

DashSkin® dash caps mount to the existing dashboard via silicone, so unfortunately if your dash has been 100% removed, you will need a FULL REPLACEMENT DASH. A lot of our Ram customers will tend to be missing some or MOST of their dash, and that's actually ok! As long as you have at least 1.5-2" worth of perimeter along the outside edges to mount to, you're in good shape.

2001 Dodge Ram

While environmental conditions like intense sunlight or frequently parking outdoors make a big difference in the longevity of your dash, some manufacturers have a bad reputation of using inferior plastics in their interior components, and the Ram seems to be the best example.  

Dash Skin Before and After



Lifetime Warranty

Every product DashSkin sells comes with a lifetime guarantee, just keep track of the date of installation, or DOI, as that is all we will need to know should you have a problem! The warranty covers cracking, chipping, peeling, bubbling, warping, and general failure. Please note that we typically ask for photos when filing a warranty claim. Please also be certain that the installation directions are followed very closely, as the warranty as void unless the glue is only used on the perimeter of the underside of the cap (as the manual explains, the cap needs the center free so the material can expand and contract). Using the glue in the center of the cap (unless as is directed per your model), will make the cap more likeley to fail.


We package our caps very securely, but if your cap for any reason arrives damaged, please call us at 877.308.9682 as quickly as possible to arrange a replacement. Damage claims must be filed within 30 days of the original ship date from our facility, so please inspect your item as soon as it arrives. To expedite the replacement process, please email clear photos of the damage, and a photo of the box (even if the box is not damaged) to [email protected] and note your order number in the subject line. We will reply to let you know we received your claim as soon as we receive it.

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